Mini Top Hats

Mini Black and White Striped Mini Top Hat

Price: 9.89

White Feather and Mesh Mini Top Hat

Price: 4.95

Diva Mini Top Hat

Price: 7.70


Mini top hats are a great way to compliment your favorite costume.  There are many different varieties of mini top hats.  We have a large collection of top hats for you to choose from.   If you are looking for a perfect mini top hat to go with your costume, then you have found the right place.

Most mini top hats are made with a slim style and secured with elastic or headband to make sure it sits atop your head perfectly.  Mini top hats come in many different colors and some have glitter or feathers atop them to add a touch of flare.  Depending on what you are wanting or what event you will be wearing your mini top hat will help you decide what kind you want to buy. 

 Browse through our mini top hats here and find one that you will love and be the hit of the party.  Whether you are looking for one with glitter or a vail or one in a color of your choice you are sure to find the mini top hats that you will love.

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